Today’s veterinarian operates in an extremely challenging environment.

Declining revenues, stagnate growth, and increasing competition all pose serious problems to practice owners. Unfortunately, today’s practitioners are not likely to enjoy significant increases in their client base.

Therefore, the key to increased revenues are primarily linked to your current customer clientele.

There are many reasons for hiring a consultant, some of these include:

  • Poor client compliance
  • Expense issues
  • Low staff retention rates
  • Poor bonding of new client
  • Declining revenues
  • Low Average Client Transaction (ACT)
  • Low net income
  • Poor staff communication skills
  • Inadequate staff knowledge and training
  • Prevention of ownership burnout

Hiring a consultant can be a very challenging decision. PES understands the difficulties of hiring a consultant and strives to make the consulting program as rewarding as possible. An increase in revenues from consulting not only improves cash flow but also will have a multiple effect on the ultimate value of the veterinary practice.


  • Staff education and training
  • Increased services
  • Increased compliance
  • Fee structure evaluation
  • Profit/Loss Evaluation
  • Improved Average Client Transaction (ACT)
  • Call back/Reminder Protocols
  • Monthly monitoring
  • Staff/Doctor Accountability
  • Help with Inventory Management