“Most veterinarians think we can manage our practices without any help. I was the worst. I had talked to Mike Johnston on several occasions and had numerous good referrals from close friends and colleagues. I thought we could fix our problems! Finally, I gave in when we were living pay period to pay period. Mike and his staff, Dr Greenwell and Dr Simpkins, spent the month of May with our staff and veterinarians. It was a life and clinic changing experience. Having an outside consultant work with the staff and doctors had a much more profound effect on clinic improvement than I had ever been able to do. Our per client average increased over 30 dollars per transaction. In addition, our clinic practices better medicine, and has much improved client relations. Using Practice Enhancement Services is a no brainer. Talk to PES and I am sure they can help your practice also.

Mike Fenwick, DVM – Hermitage, TN

“My introduction to PES came through two of my classmates that had been very pleased with their service. Ordinarily with my busy schedule I would not even consider using a consulting service but I am extremely glad that I did. Every clinic is faced with its own challenges. My biggest reason for using Mike and his team was to restore some sanity to my hectic life. The training my staff received has made a huge difference. Their morale is higher than it has been is a long time and my stress level is considerably lower. And although cash flow was not my primary concern PES had a dramatic positive impact in this area as well.

The improvements made paid for the service within in two weeks. Now I will reap the benefits and the opportunities that these financial gains allow for years to come. Whatever the concern of your practice I believe due to Mike’s experience and expertise PES can make your clinic more profitable, run more efficiently and raise the morale of your staff while decreasing your stress level as an owner. “

Cary Ledbury, DVM – Memphis, TN

“My practice had been struggling as a no or low profit practice for some time. I was frustrated and not rewarded for the time and work that I was putting in to my business. I heard about Mike Johnston and PES from a colleague and decided to give him a call. The results did not disappoint. He was able to analyze the deficiencies in the hospital both financially as well as with staff and implement strategies to correct them. Mike, Dr Greenwell and his staff gave us hands on attention putting their recommendations into service throughout the month they were at my practice. His approach is straightforward, down to earth and very effective. The results have been amazing. My practice is more profitable and is running efficiently. The staff and associate veterinarians are all on the same page with recommendations to clients, work responsibilities and everyone understands what the goals of the hospital are. I am happier now than I have ever been in my professional career (20+ years) and only wish that I had done it sooner. I would recommend Mike Johnston and PES without reservation to any veterinary hospital.”

Robert V. Russell, DVM – Franklin, TN

“PES will come into your practice, evaluate your data, staff, scheduling, flow, and most importantly your behavior in the exam room. They don’t just leave you with recommendations. Mike and his staff stay in the clinic with you to get things going and work out the kinks as they arise. Accountability is what PES is all about. Mike really opened our eyes to we weren’t doing in the exam room as well as the front desk. “If the price scares you then let me put you at ease. We were easily able to pay PES with the increased revenues by the end of the program. Living in a small town, I was worried that my clients couldn’t afford high quality medicine. After finishing Mike’s program, I am amazed at how eager our clients were to pay for top quality medicine. The first month our gross improved 43%. I believe that hiring PES has added seven figures to my lifetime earning potential and I know that it has made practicing more enjoyable and less stressful.”

Jeffrey Keele, DVM – Manchester, TN
Gary Nester,  DVM – Manchester, TN

“When Mike Johnston and the PES staff arrived at our clinic, I will admit, I felt as though we were floundering. The thing I appreciated most about PES was their ability to come in, access the situation and quickly train and implement the necessary changes to make us a better practice. I feel since PES has been to my practice, we are all working more efficiently and effectively. The clients and the staff are very happy with the changes and encourage us on a daily basis to “continue the good work”. The positive transformation in my staff has been worth the entire process!

Change is always a difficult process but PES made that process easier for us to manage. Most important, our clients have noticed our efforts and we have had nothing but positive feedback. I wish we would have called PES sooner!”

Dr. Linda Mount-Baty, DVM – Waverly, TN

“What Practice Enhancement Services has done for our clinic has been truly phenomenal. Being the proverbial skeptic that I am regarding consultants; Mike Johnston and his team accomplished everything that was promised. I am thrilled by the teamwork and unity of our staff along with our higher quality of medicine. PES implemented several protocol enhancements within four weeks that would have taken us months. My only regret is that we did not bring Mike and his team in sooner as our financials have already improved enough in five weeks to fully pay for their services. Thanks Mike.”

Bryan Bondurant, DVM – Gallatin, TN

“I’ve been a practice owner for 23 years. Over time, I had convinced myself that my clients would not pay for higher quality medicine. I was listening to the complainers. As a result, my medicine became mediocre as well as my bottom line. When Mike analyzed my invoices he was able to see quickly our deficiencies. His plan to correct them was practical, straightforward, common sense, best medicine for my patients. He and Dr Greenwell were able to work with me, my associates, my assistants, and my receptionists to improve the medicine we offer to our patients. I have been amazed at how readily my clients have accepted our changes. I have also been amazed at how our revenues have increased. The PES team came in May 2012. We could easily pay their fees by the end of the month. I’ve been kicking myself for not doing this 10 years ago! This has been the best practice management decision I have made in my 23 years as an owner.”

Kevin Wood, DVM – Springfield, TN

“Why didn’t I do this years ago? The 2 months since Mike and Dr Kim were here have been the best of my career. I’m feeling less stress, my staff is better trained, and we are once again practicing the level of medicine that we should. Everything Mike told me would happen has been true. My clients have welcomed the changes and once again reminded me ‘good medicine is what it’s all about.’ Stop being scared of your clients and unleash the potential of your practice. 35% increase in revenue says it all.”

Troy Jones, DVM – Andalusia, AL

“As practice owners we fell into the trap of sticking with the status quo and not thinking outside the box for fear of failure or loss of income. We were too concerned about what our clients would think rather than doing what needed to be done. Taking the financial leap to hire Mike as a consultant for our practice was one of those situations. Our practice, while not declining, was stagnant in the current economy and we had toyed with the idea of hiring Mike for several months. Numerous friends and colleagues had recommended him to us. Despite these recommendations we still balked at taking that leap for fear that the cost would not be worth it.

In retrospect, we should have hired him the minute we heard of Practice Enhancement Services. In hindsight it was absolutely a no-brainer decision that we have not regretted for an instant. Mike’s approach helped us to see the value of our profession and practice. We practice better medicine, have a happier staff and our finances have improved tremendously. Practice Enhancement Services not only helped us see the changes we needed at our practice but also helped train our staff. They were constantly present in our practice for a month in order to observe and guide us through the process. There is simply no way we can express in words how much we appreciate the service that Mike provides. We are thankful for his team and their efforts. Every practice should make the leap we made and never look back.”

Dana Horner, DVM – White House, TN
Ted Horner, DVM – White House, TN
Brett Houlberg, DVM – White House, TN

“Here’s the thing, when managing a veterinary practice you do not know if you are using all the tools and the right tools to reach your potential financial and health care goals. We were running a ‘successful’ practice but Mike and Dr Kim made us better. They helped us refine our communication skills, tell our clients what was needed and held each team member and doctor accountable. Mike Johnston and Dr Kim have been extremely beneficial for the morale and success at our practices. They came in with great energy and gave our staff confidence that we could take the tools they gave us to succeed……and we did! Most importantly, we have improved the overall care of every patient that comes into our clinics. Secondly, they helped us improve the financial health of the practices. It has been a win-win situation. I would highly encourage anyone who owns or manages a veterinary practice to take a very serious look at this team of professionals. They are more that worth the investment. It has been the single best decision that I have made for my patients and my practices.”

Jim Burchett, DVM – Clarksville, TN
Leslie Burchett, DVM – Clarksville, TN

“I was familiar with Practice Enhancement Services for a couple of years having visited their booth at the Music City Veterinary Conference in Nashville. But had not taken the “leap” to contact them until a very good friend/colleague recommended at least meeting with Mike.

The decision to engage Mike with his associates Dr. Kim Ousley and Dr. Aine Greenwell was a decision that I wish I had made much sooner.
They have helped our entire clinic become not only a team but an enthusiastic team.

They reinforced to us that by consistently providing the best care for our patients the results are the betterment of our hospital as a whole. “

Douglas Crabtree, DVM – Gallatin, TN

“As a veterinary practice owner, I was concerned about the changes our profession is experiencing.  A colleague in my county first told me about PES.  I asked what they could do and he said “a lot.” He told me they could work miracles.

After meeting with Mike and Dr. Greenwell I was concerned that because Portland was a small community, it could not support the changes we had discussed. Everything PES implemented was focused on best medicine. They trained our staff on presenting new services, they improved our schedule and flow efficiency, our prices were adjusted to the correct level, and our staff issues were fixed.

With Mike’s individual doctor meetings and Dr. Greenwell’s staff involvement, our practice is now satisfied that we are doing our best, and our clients have been accepting of the changes as well. The profitability that came with this experience has allowed me to pay my staff what they deserve. I have no regrets.”

Nathan Shadowens, DVM – Portland, TN

“Hiring PES as a consultant is one of the best decisions I have made in 40 plus years of practice. I do not think any consultant would spend the hours working in my practice that you did. You got to know each person as a part of our team while assessing their skills and how they fit into the flow of our practice. Two weeks into your visit you began to formulate a plan and identified the things we were doing right, the things we could do better, and the things we needed to change. You discussed your suggestions with me and once we agreed on the plan, you and your team spent many hours over several days training my team on the needed changes while supporting and encouraging them. The money we spent with you has been returned many times over. Both our gross and net have shown significant increases since you and your team consulted with Sheabel. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship.”

Mike Gentry, DVM – Lexington, KY

“Our practice seemed to have reached a plateau over the past two years. We felt that this was all a result of the current economic condition and had become somewhat complacent. After learning about PES and speaking with other colleagues that had utilized Mike’s services, I knew that we had to do something different. His team was very efficient and very straightforward in their analysis of our practice. My staff was apprehensive at first, but came to realize that their efforts could make a big change in the practice. While we did see immediate increases in gross revenues as well as greater acceptance of medical services, I feel that the staff’s gains were the most important. The one on one interviews with staff members and subsequent training meetings had the most effect. Staff members now have a better understanding how their actions play a vital role in the practice. Each staff member now has a better grasp of their role in providing clients with a higher level of medical care for their pets. Mike’s team has enabled us to begin to grow again and our entire team knows that they are a part of this growth.

I would encourage any practice owner to have Mike review their statistics and learn what his team can do to help.”

John A. McCormick, DVM – Nashville, TN

“It almost seems sophomoric to say that “We know what we needed to do, we just didn’t know how” but for quite some time we desired to do a better job of functioning as a team.  We needed to bring continuity and unity to our seven doctor walk in practice.  Mike Johnston and his team did precisely that.  They brought a workable team approach to the table, implemented it and then held us accountable for its continued execution.  PES is committed to seeing you succeed and unlike other consultants that ‘pop in’ and leave you with reams of information, PES becomes a part of your operation for a significant timeframe actually becoming a part of your culture.  Some might  wonder if they can afford such a service, we have come to understand that you can’t afford not to.”

Forrest Reynolds, DVM – Franklin, TN
Headrick, DVM – Franklin, TN
Vaden, DVM – Franklin, TN
Shaun Reynolds, DVM – Franklin, TN

“Mike Johnston and his team have greatly helped our practice. We previously worked with two other consultants and were unsure if Practice Enhancement Services would offer anything different.

Mike and his team came into our practice and immediately educated our entire staff about protocols that have greatly improved our medical care, efficiency and profitability. PES was very “hands on” and provided in depth analysis pinpointing problem areas in our practice. The results have been impressive.

We are very glad we contacted Mike and his team. We strongly recommend his services to anyone who wants to improve their practice finances, medical care and staff productivity.”

Michael Pruett, DVM – Nashville, TN
Kimberly Brasher, DVM – Nashville, TN

“The veterinary community is very well prepared for the challenges of medicine and surgery, but we get very little training for the “Business” side of Veterinary medicine.  Mike Johnston and Dr. Kim Gloystein at PES helped us START to become better businessmen.

Mike loves the “A” word….accountability! After what I called Mike’s “professional interrogation”, I realized I needed to stop giving away services, implement programs instead of just talking about doing so, and get our entire hospital staff to be a more cohesive team.  After our training sessions and group meetings, we now have a more defined set of policies for services.  Now the receptionists and techs don’t have to wonder what to charge for or do depending on which doctor is working the case.  All the staff is more at ease, and the workday flows much more smoothly.

Yes, our ACT has increased dramatically, and we have implemented programs to stimulate revenue.  Best of all, we now can offer programs and services to our clients to provide the highest level of veterinary care and NOT feel like we have failed if they say no!”

Steve Ladd, DVM – Nashville, TN

As a very busy six doctor practice, we sometimes did a poor job of implementing ideas or services that would enhance our practice and improve service to our clients.  After 2007, as our gross income plateaued and our expenses increased, we realized we needed help.  Mike and Dr. Kim evaluated our hospital, educated our staff and put tools into place that allowed us to see immediate results.  Our investment in PES paid for itself in less than one month and we will continue to reap the rewards of this investment for as long as our practice exists! Not only did PES pull us out of a slump, but we practice better medicine and have improved relationships with our clients.  I  highly recommend PES to any practice owner.

Steve Hendrix, DVM – Nashville, TN
Chip Rogers, DVM – Nashville, TN

“After normal and expected growth of hospital revenues through 2007, we experienced stagnant or decreasing production for the past 2 years. We knew we could not continue doing business as usual. After having conversations with several trusted friends and colleagues that had utilized Mike’s services, we sent him our practice information for our initial, no obligation consultation. We then asked PES to work with our practice. The accountability they provided for our doctors and staff translated into increased “average client transactions” and greater monthly production. Dr. Kim also did a great job with staff training, resulting in all of us working more efficiently towards the same goals. My only regret is that we did not start with Mike and Dr. Kim sooner. “

Jim and Randy Hammon, DVM – Chattanooga, TN

“I was referred to Mike by a trusted and successful colleague after I purchased my practice.  I was hesitant at first because I was focused on getting things set up ‘my way’ right out of the gate, and I had some success in the first 9 months increasing the gross revenue from the previous owner.  Fortunately for me, I decided to call Mike.  He gave me a wealth of information about the business side of the practice.  He also held me accountable for monitoring and managing many of the core benchmarks that are so valuable in our profession.  While Mike was working with me, Dr. Kim worked on training and educating the staff.  The results have been amazing.  Staff morale is higher than it’s ever been, we serve our clients better, and gross revenues are way up…”

David Alford, DVM – Madison, AL

“I began practicing in 1980 and over the years I’ve attended my share of practice management courses. I’ve always been able to take new ideas and improve the way we do things at the practice. A tidbit here and a tidbit there has been my style. Thank goodness for Mike and Dr. Kim! We had tools and knowledge locked away just waiting to be utilized. We’ve implemented programs that I knew we needed but I didn’t know how to go about getting it done.

With the help of Mike and Dr. Kim we are practicing better medicine and getting rewarded for it. Our gross is up over 20% the first month and we are still growing! If this will work in a small town rural practice, it will work anywhere. Best business decision I ever made.”

Tommy Moore DVM – Atmore, AL

Mike Johnston, Dr. Kim, and Dr. Robin have been instrumental in instituting a program to enhance our practice through the power of a “Team Approach.” Each team member is assessed, including doctors and their strengths and weaknesses identified. Once the person is evaluated and educated they are put together as a whole making the practice stronger and more productive. We are now on the same page as one another in our approach to client service. The implementation of their techniques not only will make your practice more profitable but more importantly enjoyable.

Mitch Jordan, DVM – Cleveland, TN

“Our practice and profits were stagnant until PES came to us. Since the first day of training our income has increased by 20%+, and for the first time, our doctors, receptionists, and technicians are on the same page. Mike Johnston and Dr. Kim Gloystein knew how to bring out the best in every person in our clinic and we are doing a much better job with our clients and patients. We plan to have them return for a follow up this summer. They’re that good! Why anyone would not take advantage of this program is beyond me.”

William G. Shannon DVM- Hendersonville, TN

“PES has been a huge help getting my new business off to a great start. Mike Johnston teaches doctors/managers to look at the numbers in a business and how changing those numbers affects the overall profitability. Any veterinary hospital would profit from this kind of knowledge. Mike’s associate, Dr. Kim Gloystein, is an entertaining instructor for staff and doctor’s alike. She taught my staff to hold each other accountable and work as a team. We are now a more educated and cohesive team of veterinary professionals. We find that clients will comply with recommendations made by a staff that is knowledgeable and dedicated to the welfare of their pets, and this in turn improves the quality of care we can provide for these pets.”

Paula Thorne DVM – Bowling Green, KY

“Mike Johnston and his common sense approach to running a business got our practice out of a deep self-inflicted hole. His easy going manner made solving our problems a lot easier than expected. My only regret is not having done this year’s ago.”

Rick Barry DVM – Director Niceville Emergency Clinic, FL

“Mike and PES helped my staff focus on exceptional service with fair pricing, which has helped us weather this current economic downturn… I’d give Mike and PES an A+ grade on return of my investment…Mike’s ability to simplify and demonstrate sound financial principals to my staff, paid dividends immediately and continues to positively impact my practice today.”

Randy Lange DVM – Knoxville, TN

“Practice Enhancement Services practical approach has been very beneficial to our practice and has helped us understand our value and the services we provide…”

Carr Hyatt III DVM – Kingsport, TN

“Within 30 days of starting the PES program, our average transaction posted a 20% increase. I wish I could have had this program implemented 20 years ago…”

Bruce Lee DVM – Cullman, AL

“When we began working with Mike Johnston of PES many of our hospital programs were not yet fully developed. With his practical approach and background in veterinary medicine, he helped us lay the foundation for our current standards of medicine. The PES program was an easy transition for our entire staff. Dr. Kim Gloystein did an excellent job with our employees. While the most important benefit gained were the programs we instituted we did have the added value of increasing our gross revenue by 40 %. We will continue to consult with Mike Johnston and PES for our future financial needs and goals”

Cathy Fish DVM – Dacula, GA

“After watching our client visits and clinic production decrease all year for the first time in 20 years, I contacted Mike in November. He offered to look at our numbers to see if his team could be of help to us. After determining that indeed he could be of use to us, he and Dr Kim came in and met with our doctors and staff. The meetings with the staff really brought about remarkable attitude changes and our work atmosphere is much more enjoyable for everyone. It was amazing to see how receptive our clientele was to our recommendations and we have seen immediate results. This experience has made me a better manager of my business and step up my own practice of veterinary medicine. I wish we had known about PES when we purchased the practice six years ago. Practice Enhancement Services is an excellent resource for any practice that would like to improve their client/patient care and by doing so, improve their practice income.”

Michelle Williams, DVM- Nashville, TN

“After PES completed their in house program, my gross income was up 38% over the previous year. The return on investment in the program is just astounding and growing daily.”

Jay Blackwood DVM – Defuniak Springs, FL

“As a new practice owner, managing the business aspect of the hospital seemed overwhelming. PES simplified the task of setting, monitoring, and achieving my business goals. Mike Johnston and Dr. Kim have been instrumental in boosting the profitability of my practice.”

Shelley Brouillette DVM – Johnson City, TN

“A colleague referred Mike to me and after a no nonsense meeting I decided to hire PES. As a 1 doctor practice I needed help. Mike and Kim came in changed the work flow to a smoother approach and gave us the tools to implement programs that we had only talked about for years. Kim trained our staff and Mike held me accountable. I stopped giving services away, let my staff take some of the work load, and now we’re a better team. Not only did Mike help me become a better doctor, but also a better business owner.”

Doug King DVM – Nashville, TN

“After starting my own clinic from the ground up in 2007, 3 years later I found myself working 6 days a week with very little personal and financial incentive to keep doing so. Mike Johnston and his staff came highly recommended from a friend and colleague to help with the business side of the practice. After initially meeting with Mike, it was very apparent that he uses a clear and concise process to cement the client/clinic bond and practice the highest quality of veterinary medicine which in turn would build my practice. The process was effortless for our staff and clients and the personal and financial reward just in the first month has been staggering. Plain and simple, PES will look at every aspect of a practice and give you the tools to fix it.”

Bill Rye DVM – Nashville, TN

“Over a 3 month period PES increased our average transaction by 20%. Their secret is hand’s on persistence…Mike’s tenacity in going over EVERY invoice and Dr. Kim’s effective staff education has put us all on the same page. Not only are we taking in more revenue, the quality of our medicine has increased. I can recommend these services to anyone.”

Henry A. Hart III DVM – Albany, GA

“Mike and his team did a great job of addressing our general concerns and issues that related particularly to our practice. They helped us make some tough decisions which has directly resulted in a more efficient and profitable business. There is a peace and oneness in our practice that was previously missing. The doctors and staff are all on the same page and it is, once again, a pleasure to come to work.”

R. Todd Hurst DVM – Nashville, TN

“We have 2 hospitals that consulted with PES. In each case our average transaction has increased immediately from their training of our veterinarians and support team. I recommend PES to all animal hospitals and clinics with compliance problems and a need to improve total transaction fees.

Wilson W. McManus DVM – Huntsville, AL

“Mike Johnston transformed my practice into an organized, service- oriented, animal health facility. He taught my staff and me how to correctly work cases, justify treatments, and prioritize quality medicine over economic savings. We boosted our profitability and our clients are happier than ever. Mike showed us the importance of working as a team to provide professional detailed medicine. I have PES and Mike Johnston to thank for changing for quality of life for my family and myself.”

David S. Redwine DVM – Gate City, VA

“Mike Johnston convinced me and trained my staff to practice the best medicine possible to each and every patient. Our quality of care, client satisfaction, staff morale, and bank accounts have all increased as a result.”

Steve Whittle DVM – Atlanta, GA

“I began my practice in 1985. It grew steadily, and in summer of 2008, my two associates and I had even had thoughts of a fourth doctor. The economy took its down turn and, at the end of 2008, we were having to consider laying people off. Production continued to decline, and by summer of 2010 we were desperate to find answers. I had thought about consultants but was always turned off by their approach. Mike Johnston’s name came up one day while I was talking with a friend whose practice was experiencing similar problems. I gave Mike a call– best move I ever made. Mike brought a common sense approach. No gimmies, no dogwashes, no mass marketing. His advice strongly guided us back to the practice of good medicine. We are providing better care for our patients and getting paid what we are worth. The turn around was immediate with production, up to 24% in the first month. I actually feel like I ran a hospital and not a rabies clinic. Client response has been great and I actually enjoy practicing Veterinary Medicine again.”

Richard Jones D.V.M – Brentwood, TN

“Having had previous experience with consulting, I can honestly say the investment we made with PES has been the best money I have ever spent.”

Barry Gordon DVM – Lenoir City, TN

“I would like to express my thanks to Mike and Dr. Kim of PES for helping our veterinary practice get back on track. They were great with staff training and helped us implement programs that we had been avoiding for years. Our ACT has increased every month for the past two years.”

Susan Graydon DVM – Montgomery, AL

“I have known Mike Johnston for seventeen years, both as an excellent pharmaceutical rep and more importantly as a trusted practice management advisor. His extensive background working with veterinary hospitals gives Mike tremendous credibility when making recommendations to hospital owners.  Mike’s assessment, advice, and implementation techniques have resulted in tremendous gains for our practice. This has made us better doctors, increased client satisfaction and ultimately increased financial rewards.”

Hank Hall DVM – Columbus, GA

“I want to thank PES for their work in my veterinary clinic last year.  By following their advice, I have been able to practice better medicine, increase my ACT, and improve my overall bottom line.  In a time of decreasing client numbers due to the economy, I had an increase in my overall production.”

Jim Brechin DVM – Destin, FL

“Mike Johnston has been involved with the Airport Pet Emergency Clinic for the past two years and to say the results have been spectacular would be an understatement. Within those two years, shareholder dividends have increase five-fold and we have substantial savings set aside.”

Mark Riehl DVM – Bristol, TN

“My clinic had been struggling to keep afloat for several years before I enlisted the help and expertise of Mike Johnston and Practice Enhancement Services. He worked with me and my staff on strategies to increase the efficiencies of my clinic, use my skills to better treat my patients and adjust prices that were fair and reasonable.  My ACT almost doubled within a year and business continues to increase. I would highly recommend Mike Johnston and PES to any practice.”

Mary Jane Cionni DVM – Birmingham, AL

“Mike and PES’s method of stressing exceptional service with fair pricing fit perfectly with our philosophy of practice. Their leadership in developing consistency and accountability was instrumental in giving us a tremendous growth spurt and leaving us with the tools and ability to continue to benefit throughout our practice life. “

Charlie Moyers, DVM – Morristown, TN

“My revenues increased 18% and our ACT increased 25% with the help of PES. The expertise and information provided by an outside source were well worth the cost. The accountability and practical steps to make improvements made the process go very smoothly. I would recommend Mike and his team to any practice that is ready to not just survive but to succeed.”

David Feitsma DVM – Defuniak Springs, FL

“After 10 years of being an associate, I finally bought a practice of my own. Having no ownership experience, I was a bit overwhelmed. Thankfully, I sought help from Mike and PES within the first few months of ownership in an effort to get off on the right foot. I was able to increase my ACT enough to recover the entire cost of their services within the first month and maintain that each month as profit. Almost 2 years later, I had Mike and Dr. Kim come back for a tune-up. Once again, it was a great decision. I am so thankful I did this early on and will not be looking back years from now wondering “what if.”

Bo Bergloff DVM – Lynn Haven, FL

“During my 25 years of practice ownership, I employed the several different high profile and very expensive veterinary consultants. I was very reluctant to give Mike and PES a chance at helping with my practice. I am sure glad I did. Your advice, guidance, and insight not only increased my profitability, the improvements paid for the program with additional revenue. I sure wish I had found out about you first. Thanks for all your help…”

David Harris DVM – Murfreesboro, TN

“My experience with PES has been nothing less than outstanding. I have listened to many lectures about practice management and have gotten lost in all the minute details other consultants discuss and focus on. Mike has a very practical and common sense approach to practice management and it works! Even a year after my practice consult, he still checks in with me on a regular basis. PES’ customer service is top-notch. Well worth the investment…”

Jeromey Gillespie, DVM – Panama City Fl

“Mike Johnston made a thorough review of my practice and pointed out the good areas and the areas with room for improvement. He made a specific plan of how to place me where I needed to be. I appreciated his direct approach on the changes we needed to make. We often know ourselves change needs to occur, but PES suggested how and where, and removed much of the anxiety that accompanies change. Highly recommend…”

Andy Brightman, DVM – Shalimar FL

“Mike and PES have helped my practice progress to the level of my expectations. They have held my staff and me accountable to practice the type of care medicine my clients deserve. I would highly recommend Mike and PES to any veterinary practice…”

Renee Lefranc, DVM – Columbus GA

“Mike Johnston and Dr. Kim Gloystein work as a great team to advise practice owners on quality medicine for companion animals. As a first-time practice owner, they gave me expert advise on everything from fee schedules to appointment schedules and even client relations. I really feel that I have improved the quality of care I provide my patients and clients through their recommendations. Clients have been extremely receptive and pleased with the changes we have made. They appreciate knowing that we go the exra mile for their pet. Dr. Kim and Mike have helped me become the veterinarian I always wanted to be, with a more relaxed schedule, spending more time with individual patients, and still profiting from doing what I love.”

Robyn Focke, DVM – Panama City, FL

‘Practice Enhancement Services has been especially beneficial to us as a new hospital. The practices they implemented will benefit my patients and my practice for years to come. Mike and Dr. Kim got our team educated, confident and cohesive. The first month after PES was here our revenue increased 50% over the previous year and our ACT increased 25%. Their value is immense…”

Aine Greenwell, DVM – Hendersonville, TN

“What a difference focused evaluation, guidance, and accountability makes. I’ve used three other nationally prominent veterinary practice consultants over the last 17 years, and never come close to getting the same return on investment as I have with this service. Be prepared to be held accountable. Mike and PES use a measurable, results oriented program. Highly recommend…

Mark Kidd, DVM- Birmingham AL

“I asked for help and I sure got it! Thanks to Mike and PES. He evaluated my situation and met with me to tell me how he could help. The real draw for me was the ability to pay for his services with “new” money. They helped us with implementing new procedures and added accountability from both staff and doctors. It has allowed us to practice better medicine as well as become much more profitable. It has made me a happier, less stressed practice owner. I highly recommend this process for any veterinary practice. “

Leslie Hart-DVM Comer, Ga